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It was this story about my brother - who loves to listen to my shit. that was Relling on Y, which was a different story - they fuck like a rabbit - it was a nice pair of tits and nipples tablets beautiful - it really depends on foot - for his age Our sister called me a day to see if I could get a sexandsubmission battery for the car and - like - working for a company car accessories - I said I would fall and take a look at your car to see sexandsubmission what I needed batteries. Sis took me home and introduced me to it - I had a vague recollection that I met before - but could not remember - I thought it looked a bit wrong - nice figure and boobs n I looked and I said would drop a fleece : the next night from work, I said I had to be there for Sis. The next night I was with him for them - they had reserved in my name, so it was cheap - and adapted it to his car - she invited me to wash my sexandsubmission hands and have a drink while they get their money. We chatted - they knew that I livedon my own - he asked about my place - I told him about the wine made at home, and I had - it was interesting and told me - would love sexandsubmission to see all my wines. So I said yes - you can go sexandsubmission now - I was about 06th clock up to 30 at this time. , which lasted about 30 minutes to get home - it was the wine and gave it a couple of drinks. One thing led to another and never kissed bigtime - Deep Throat - I had played my hand in his shirt and under her bra and breasts with her ​​nipples - the building was in fact - and one hand on the back of his jeans - playing with his ass - which actually was moaning and panting and rubbing my cock felt like my jeans to make it more difficult. She pulled away and asked if I could take a bath because she had washed since morning. I quickly threw her a bath and left in the bathroom while I served came a little more - who had opened the door a crack. She called me her baby - so I took it to her - she told me to bringg in the bathroom - that was in the bathroom covered with blisters that is - I just had nipples looking through - I was sitting on the toilet and talked - said they would like to be with her - fuck I - I was in a flash and at the other end was removed - after which he took his legs over mine and pulled it up very close to me sexandsubmission - he put his hand down and felt sexandsubmission his fingers wrap around my soft penis and they were done, my foreskin sexandsubmission and the paper makes my knob - you have such a nice bite, she said - I was playing with her beautiful breasts and kissing her nipples - they were really tall and straight - sexandsubmission that could away without wearing a bra under her shirt to sexandsubmission have or higher! - Her breasts were very tight and perfect - I think the best I have ever seen We started kissing again, and then relaxed legs wrapped around the waist forward and fell on my erection - my cock slowly and gently soon buried deep her tight pussy - it was loud! God -I told you - have a tight pussy - and has a big cock - he said. She said she had a cock in it for so sexandsubmission long - that's why she was so strong. I put my hands on the buttocks and lifted slowly up and down my cock erctio. It was a little uncomfortable in the cockpit - and the water has not helped to lubricate my cock in and out of her pussy. We were outside the bathroom - and dry - they wanted to finish and knelt down and wiped his penis and legs - she worked her mouth on my dick lick my penis and gently biting with their teeth - and then slowly entire length in the mouth - I could feel my balls against her lips - it was very erotic - Nealy was running - but managed to restrain himself. She command language my end - and let his tongue around my ring - which was very close shot in the mouth - and he told her. wanted to wait, and I slowly eased. I told him it was my turn - got up and opened her legs wide apart - I went to his knees and buried my face in her pubic hair - leaving hair and search for your lips - then I played around the language and find your clitoris - started sucking and licking gently kiss - I was shaking and groan - I pushed a finger into her pussy and I could feel it starting to lubricate like - gently facilitated lubricated finger into his hole anal - moaned louder and began to tremble in the face while sucking her clit and ran my tongue over her lips and I knew she was about to cum - with a strong wave that shook the orgasm - pussy was so wet and juicy she came. quickly jumped back into the bathroom and washed my pussy and anal hole for them. Enjoyed that! She said it sexandsubmission was really great - and was one of the best orgasms she had a long - long - even if they masturbate themselves - I said - I have the pleasure After it had dried, he entered the bedroom - he said, is now histurn - and again, she sucked my semi- erect penis in her mouth and began to blow by me - Vehicles her tongue sexandsubmission around my cock and pinching my frenulum - always hard again - it does not take much time - they wanted lame dog fashion. She is in bed and knelt on the edge - ass and pussy pushed back to me - I could sexandsubmission not resist running my fingers into the two slots - to sneak back on his finger and told him how beautiful was the feeling . I touched her pussy a little more - get your juicy - and playing with my cock - jerk to make it difficult to maintain. I pushed her legs a little wider exposure over her pussy and anus - then I am cautiously advanced, touch the sexandsubmission button on the end for me it was just her pussy lips - was again moaning about this - I think control slowly released in the pussy - walked slowly down sexandsubmission the narrow end of the bell and then slowly relaxes in her - said AGAiiN - and say how nice it was sexandsubmission - I relaxed a little more - then Wrapperd my arms around her body - her breasts for swinging - carressing them and finding the nipples - to play with them until they were really hard - she loved it and ask me for more cock - slowly pushed me until I felt my balls on her hip - gasped and moaned a little, and asked if I was okay and not hurt him - I said no - go ahead, it's so beautiful with a cock, again buried deep within me. I jumped in and out of her vagina juicy and pulled back to me to establish a rhythm. I could feel my foreskin go in my final button every time I pushed on - almost comes straight from her pussy. She asked for more - I was coming and said - my pussy filled with cum, she cried - and - with a big bang, I filled the hole - I could not feel that oozes around my penis and locked her ass and legs . It was really great - one of the best fucks I've had for a long time c us!he rebelled and was lying in bed recovering - after a while I played with her nipples - kiss and suck on them - fingers her pussy - insert three fingers on her swollen lips and gently gave her a second orgasm - again after cleaning - and then took them back home - with the promise of seeing her again. She gave me her phone number to contact them - sexandsubmission organizing myself, to see them regularly - used to fuck each others brains - what an artist was!
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